What is DEMAT account

DEMAT account, investmentsWithout the DEMAT accounts, the investors would have to bother about the physical documents and the certificates of the investments that they make. Quite a significant change has been brought about in the market with this concept known as the DEMAT accounts. You will be able to hold the securities in a very safe and convenient manner.

You will be able to possess the physical certificates of the bonds and the shares. There are some problems attached to investing that can be taken care of by such accounts. You may be in a risk of getting a bad delivery and also may have to face delays when it comes to transferring of the physical securities. Another common problem that can be solved with the DEMAT accounts is holding fake papers. Keeping track of the investments and the securities becomes completely free of hassle with the use of the DEMAT accounts.

Latest trend about banking technology

 banking technology, bankingHere is a list of the latest banking technology that will definitely change the way we look towards banking and processing our accounts:

• Mobile banking: though they around for quite some time, they will now be available with a host of other features and higher security thanks to the popularity and growing use of Smartphones.
• Better business process management: Banks have often suffered from a backlog of pending back office work that has slowed down your bank transactions. Now this won’t be a problem anymore.
• Message instead of E-mail: now for any grievance you can just sent a text to the message centre of the bank and your job is done. No more writing of long formal emails for your queries to be heard.
• Banking technology at your Tablet: though the concept is still young, very soon you will be able to carry out much of your bank and account related work from your tablet as well.

Points to remember while selecting a financial planner

 financial planner, financial tipsThere are a few things that has to be considered when you going for a financial planner. You should not settle with the first financial planner you have spoken to. It is important that you compare between several planners and know who the best is. Then, you should also compare the fees of the different planners.

Then, it is very important that you go for a complete background check. You should not be carried away with the knowledge and the appearance of the person. It is important that the knowledge is implemented in the real world and you should make sure that the person has the ability to do that. The only way to know that is by doing a solid background check. Doing a background check does not mean going through his Facebook account. You have to look for the references and see how the impresses his previous employers are with him.

How to reduce financial stress

reduce financial stress, financial tipsIn these times of financial instability it is very important that you take care of your money. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a lot of problems and eventually suffer from financial stress. Therefore, you have to be wise with your money and save it. A good tactic is to treat your savings account as a debtor.

Condition your brain in that fashion and be regular in making payments to this particular “debtor” every month. This will only help you in the long run. Make a proper budget and try to stick to it. Cut the junk food and try to walk as a much as possible. This will save you a lot of money and you will get fit as well. If you want to watch a movie, get it downloaded instead of spending a fortune on it. Therefore, these are some the little things that you need to follow in order to keep away from financial stress.