Online tools to teach teens about investment

 investment , online toolsDo you want to teach your teenage kids the importance of financial planning and investment? Well, one of the best ways of teaching young adults about financial planning and strategies is online investment options. These days, there are several free online tools available, some of these are developed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and they are extremely effective in teaching financial techniques and strategies.

There are some online tools that are especially designed to teach teenagers basic skills of investing. You and your kids can open mutual find with minimum deposit of $250 and they set up automatic payment plan. Your kids can monitor their accounts online to see the progress that has been made. The website designed by the Securities and Exchange Commission is also devoted to teach teens a thing or two about investing. On this site, teens get hypothetical $100,000 for building their online portfolios. This allows teens to learn concepts that will come in handy when they invest real money.


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